The Dragon Hunters

Brief Summary Sessions 1-4
From a FB message to Mike:

Alright, so you are on a continent that was only discovered 100 years ago. Its only humaniod inhabitants were that of wild races, like wild elves, orcs, goblins, orges, etc. No humans, halflings, dwarves, or hilf/wood elves. A distinguishing characteristic of this continent is that no good dragons have ever been seen, only evil ones, and these are in numbers far greater than anything in the old continent; there, dragons were rare.

Zaxis, Thaddeus, Tevis, and a greedy, heavily drinking dwarf named Farli (Eric’s first character) had experience hunting dragons in the old world and decide to take the long journey across the sea to the new continent, seeking work as dragon slayers. You arrive at a large island off the coast, Erebus, which serves as the main dock/shipping port for all trade. You land and hear news of troubles in the human city of Senance and travel to it immediately. The magistrate of the city explains that the nearby wild elves have been forced from their treetop home. Guess what? You go and kill the dragon. Loot for all (you split it with the town)!

Ok, the dwarf gets unhappy with the money you made and leaves for Erebus in search of new employment. Meanwhile, lizardfolk attack an outlying village and Zaxis and you go to help them (surprise, Dan wasn’t there so they didn’t bring him). You meet Vladimir, a barbarian/duskblade/dragonslayer (Eric #2) who is defending the village.

The three of you go into the immense swamp where the lizardfolk came from, get attacked by crab people, wait for Thaddeus to show up and heal you, and continue on until you reach a lizardfolk capital, set on old ruins (think Mayan/Aztec pyramid). They see you and a big ol’ black dragon gets summoned by lizardfolk gongs and you kick its ass. Zaxis polymorphs into the dragon, flies you all to the top of the pyramid, and you all kill a bunch of lizardfolk before forcing one to bring you to her lair (because you all want to find the massive hoard of loot).

You go in there after some mucking about, find the money, but get attacked by two large black dragons. You kill one and the other runs away. You rest, gather all the money, and start back…but… see the dragon that got away being fed human sacrifices on the top of the pyramid. It flies away while you decide what to do. Zaxis polymorphs into a dragon again, flies you over there. He destroys the pyramid and he kills tons of lizardfolk. Vladimir finds a baby lizardfolk and brings it with him.

You get back to Senance and are considered heroes. You all buy lots of magical items (like fly boots and daylight wands) and Zaxis goes to Erebus to get an item made. There, he runs into Farli and hears that the dwarf is in the employ of the Expedition Co., a fur/meat trader in the northern mountains that has become quite large recently. They are looking for specialists in dragon fighting. Zaxis gathers you all and you go to Erebus to sign on. Vladimir realizes that it;d be too cold for his lizardfolk child, so they go back to Senance where he was given a house in the outlying village.

You all sign on as Specialists for a 3 month contract, 100gp/week with bonuses. On the voyage you meet Muldac (Eric the 3rd) and you all become quick friends. The company outpost holds about 500 workers, ranging from hunters, porters, maintenance, guards, lumber mill workers, etc. You see them moving huge quantities of meat frozen into blocks of ice. You are brought to the outpost’s taskmaster and he introduces you to the other Specialists: a gnome wizard, Farli, a grisly fighter, a half-elf ranger, and a reclusive and brooding warrior that’s been there the longest. Zaxis, Thaddeus, Muldac, and you are made into one team which will work together.

The next day you are brought to the entrance of the caves where the meat is being brought into raw and taken out frozen. Before entering, you all sign a nondisclosure agreement, legally binding you from revealing “trade secrets” on how the freezing process takes place. You enter the caves and see that there are huge chambers holding meat, a system of chains suspended from the ceiling that moves on a trck with hooks for the meat to hang. These chains run out into the chamber on the track for freezing. The “freezing apparatus” are actually white dragons which are chained to the ground, there wings clipped, and are prodded violently with spears until they release their ice breath down the chamber, freezing the meat.

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